Pay at pump

Save time and 'pay at pump' at over 150 Z stations.

If fuel is all you need, you don’t even need to go inside the Z shop. You can save time and pay at pump to keep moving.

All you'll need is your EFTPOS, credit or fuel card and a PIN number. You can even earn your choice of Airpoints Dollars™ or Flybuys! You can check out the range of Z Stations that offer Pay at Pump on our locator.

Pay at pump terms and conditions 

  • You will only be charged for the amount of fuel that is actually dispensed from the pump.
  • You can use the preset amount keys on the pump keypad after your card has been authorised.
  • In order to authorise your card for pay at pump, a "hold" of up to $250 is requested against your bank account. If you have less than $250 available, the amount on "hold" will be limited by your available funds. Unfortunately, some banks may decline your transaction if you have less than $250 available. Your bank will usually release any unused "held" amount shortly after the transaction is completed. Occasionally, your bank may take longer to release the "hold" - please contact your bank if you have any concerns.
  • Z Energy will not be liable to you for any fraudulent or illegal use of pay at pump by you.
  • Not all fuel promotions will be available at pay at pump.