Trailer hire

We've got your trailer needs covered (and caged, or maybe even flat decked). 

Our trailer partners are Hireace, a family owned Kiwi-company, to provide you with top quality trailers made right here in New Zealand. You can hire a trailer from selected Z stations via Hireace's new online booking system, or through our booking kiosks in-store.


Here are a few things you need to know when you hire a trailer from us:

  • there's a minimum trailer hire duration of 5hrs
  • please bring your driver licence along
  • you’ll be responsible for fitting the trailer to your vehicle but our team will be more than happy to help out if you’ve got any questions


8x4 Flat Deck
TARE: 250kg
Load Capacity: 750kg
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 300(H)
GVM: 1000kg 
Cubic Capacity: 0.9m3
 Flat Deck 8x4
8x4 Caged
TARE: 320kg
Load Capacity: 680kg
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 900(H)
GVM: 1000kg
Cubic Capacity: 2.7m3
 Caged 8x4
8x4 Tandem Flat Deck
TARE: 320kg 
Load Capacity: 1669kg 
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 300(H)
GVM: 1999kg 
Cubic Capacity: 0.9m3 
 Flat Deck Tandem 8x4
8x4 Tandem Caged
TARE: 400kg 
Load Capacity: 1599kg  
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 900(H)
GVM: 1999kg 
Cubic Capacity: 2.7m3 
 Caged Tandem 8x4

8x5 Furniture
TARE: 620kg 
Load Capacity: 630kg 

1500(W) x 2400(L) x 2000(H)
GVM: 1250kg
Cubic Capacity: 6.4m3 
 Furniture Single Axle 8x5
10x6 Furniture
TARE: 920kg 
Load Capacity: 1080kg 
1800(W) x 3000(L) x 2000(H)
GVM: 2000kg
Cubic Capacity: 9.3m3 
 Tandem Furniture 10x6

16x6 Transporter
TARE: 740kg 
Load Capacity: 1760kg  

1880(W) x 4250(L) x 300(H)
GVM: 2500kg
Cubic Capacity: N/A
 Car Transporter 16x6
6x4 Shuttle 
TARE: 260kg 
Load Capacity: 490kg  

1200(W) x 1800(L) x 1000(H)
GVM: 750kg
Cubic Capacity: 2.2m3 
 Shuttle Luggage 6x4
Cubic Capacity for trailers is calculated level with the top of the trailer sides, not raised above h the top of the trailer sides, not raised above. TARE = Trailer Empty Weight 
GVM = Total Weight Capacity Including Trailer 
Load Capacity = Maximum Weight able to be Loaded onto Trailer.


Before you rope your mates in to help you move that grand piano, check Hirace's booking system to make sure we have the trailer you want available - the most common are the 8x4 Flat Deck, 8x4 Caged and 8x5 Furniture trailer.


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