Scan your Fly Buys or Airpoints™ card to save on fuel.

All you need to do is:


Fill up at any Z service station


Scan your Fly Buys or Airpoints™ card when you pay in-store or at the pump


Save 6c per litre and on special days, get Extra-Pumped with a bigger discount!

Plus you’ll get your usual Fly Buys or Airpoints Dollars™ too! Fuel discount applies to a maximum of 100 litres per transaction. Offer excludes Fastlane and fuel card purchases. Terms and conditions apply.
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Reasons to be Pumped

Fly Buys Points and Airpoints Dollars™

Fly Buys Points and Airpoints Dollars™

You'll earn Fly Buys or Airpoints every time you fill up at Z. Just be sure to scan either card when you pay.

Instant Fuel discounts

Instant Fuel discounts

Fuel up and scan your Fly Buys or Airpoints card to get 6c off a litre! Got a Z Card? Find out about our awesome Z Card benefits.

Z App

Z App

Load your Fly Buys card onto Z App to make earning points and getting discounts even easier. Download Z App to get in the game.

Don't Miss Out!

We’d hate for you to miss out on any extra offers or fuel discounts at Z - so opt into Pumped emails to get special offers just for you.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Pumped?

    • What is this? How does it work?

      Pumped gives you fuel discounts every time you visit Z and scan your Fly Buys or Airpoints™ card. Plus, you’ll still get your Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars™. You can also load your Fly Buys or Airpoints card onto Z App to save even more time. Just scan your Z App when you pay and you'll be away laughing.

      Don't have Z App yet? You can download Z App here.

    • What are Pumped Days?

      Sometimes you'll get an even bigger discount with Pumped. We'll update our website whenever a Pumped Day is coming up. We'll also send out notifications using Z App. You can download Z App here.

  • How do I get involved?

    • How do I save on fuel with Pumped?

      It's simple - just use your Fly Buys or Airpoints card! So there's nothing extra to carry in your wallet or purse. Or, if you're digitally minded, why not simply use Z App, or the Fly Buys or Airpoints App to use your digital card - too easy!

      Don't have a Fly Buys or Airpoints card? Don't worry - just head to flybuys.co.nz or airpoints.co.nz to sign up and you'll be saving on fuel and earning points in no time.

    • How do I register my Fly Buys or Airpoints card to get Pumped offers?

      You don't need to - every Fly Buys or Airpoints card is eligible for Pumped fuel discounts!

  • What if I don't want Fly Buys or Airpoints™?

    • I don't want to join Fly Buys or Airpoints™ - why can't I get offers?

      Sorry to hear that you're not a fan of Fly Buys or Airpoints - we reckon they're awesome. The reason we've chosen Fly Buys and Airpoints to run our fuel offers through is because heaps of Kiwis are already members and it’s free to join. If Fly Buys or Airpoints isn't for you though, perhaps you can try our mobile app, Z App, as we often run promotions through that too. Alternatively if you shop at New World or PAK’nSAVE keep your Fuelup voucher as these are now redeemable at Z from Sep 1st 2018.

    • I've been a loyal customer of Shell/Z for years - why can't you give me an offer without Fly Buys or Airpoints™?

      That's awesome to hear that you've been a loyal customer for so long - thank you. We believe in rewarding our customers, which is why we regularly run promotions and offers - through Fly Buys, Airpoints and other things like Z App, instant win cards, Fuelup Supermarket Voucher, Facebook and the like. As a loyal customer hopefully you've been able to take advantage of these so far and of course in the future too.

    • Why don't you just make all petrol cheaper? You're ripping us off

      We'd love to make Petrol cheaper, but we don't control all of the factors that make up how fuel is priced. You can read more about how fuel pricing works at z.co.nz/pricing.

    • You must be overcharging for fuel if you can give these offers away - you charge us too much

      We always try to price our fuel as competitively as we can - check out z.co.nz/pricing to see what goes in to our fuel pricing.