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Kiwis love Fly Buys, and every year hundreds of thousands of Kiwis cash in their Fly Buys points for travel, electronics, housewares, fragrances, magazine subscriptions and more.

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You’ll get 1 Fly Buys point every time you reach 20 litres and swipe your Fly Buys card at Z, no matter how much you put in or how often.

So if you fill up with 15 litres one week, and 35 litres the next, your total of 50 litres will get you two Fly Buys points and you’ll be half way towards your next point. It’s that simple. This includes any fills at Z by other cardholders on your account too.

Keep an eye out for special Fly Buys deals in store, in your inbox and on the Fly Buys App.

Fly Buys Collection Terms and Conditions

Get more rewards in store

You can also earn bonus Fly Buys points by shopping for some of your favourite products at Z.

Z Espress hot drinks

Z Espress hot drinks

SWAP’n’GO LPG new bottles and refills

SWAP’n’GO LPG new bottles and refills

4 or 5 litre take home oil packs

4 or 5 litre take home oil packs

Z20 Car Washes

Z20 Car Washes

up to 8 bonus Fly Buys Points!

Save on fuel with Pumped at Z

When you fill up at Z and swipe your Fly Buys or Airpoints™ card, you’ll get an instant 6 cents off per litre - you’ll also earn Fly Buys points or Airpoint™ dollars.

Find out about Pumped

Z Card and Fly Buys

You can earn Fly Buys through your business too. If you have your Fly Buys number loaded on your Z Card account, we’ll add up your total fuel spend at the end of the month. You’ll get 1 Fly Buys point for every complete $50 (incl GST) you spend on fuel at Z service stations.

There’s no need for you to swipe your Fly Buys cards in store, your points will be collected automatically.

And if your business also operates off road or in the air, you could be eligible to earn Fly Buys points through our Mini-Tanker service or at our air stops as well. 

Find out more about Z Card.


Z Card Rewards

Be in the know

We often run special Fly Buys promotions at Z service stations — things like double or even triple Fly Buys when you fill up!

Want to be informed about upcoming Fly Buys promotions? Opt in to emails or SMS messages from us and we'll keep you in the loop. Plus, we’ll let you know about other cool stuff going on in the Z world.


Fly Buys frequently asked questions

  • How do I collect Fly Buys points on fuel at Z?

    Each time you reach 20 litres you will get a point, no matter how much you put in each time.  We’ll keep track of any fuel purchased towards your next point for 12 months. Every drop counts towards your next point, so remember to swipe your Fly Buys card on your next visit to Z.

  • How do Z Cards collect Fly Buys points?

    Z Cards eligible to collect Fly Buys points do so at a rate of 1 point for every $50 (incl GST) of Z service station fuel spend. Z Card users do not swipe a Fly Buys card at each transaction, instead points are calculated on total fuel purchased at the end of the calendar month and allocated to the nominated Fly Buys account by the 10th day of the month following. Any balance does not roll over to the following month.

  • What about other card holders on my Fly Buys account?

    Fuel bought by all cardholders on your Fly Buys account are added together and you'll get a point every time you get to 20 litres.

  • How many points do I collect when I purchase a Z2O car wash?

    Fly Buys points are offered on all Z2O car washes and the number of points will vary depending on which wash option you go for:

    • Z2O Quick Wash = 2 points

    • Z2O Classic Wash = 4 points

    • Z2O Max Wash = 6 points

    • Z2O Max Wash & Vac = 8 points

    Sometimes there will be extra bonus points when a special promotion is running.



  • How do double and triple Fly Buys promotions work?

     You will get double or triple points on any full standard Fly Buys points collected during the promotion period. You won't get double/triple points on partial points.