Engine oils

We've got quality Caltex lubricants: Delo® and Havoline® - so you can top up when you’re on the go and keep your engine protected.

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Need help finding the right oil?

If you’re not mechanically minded - no worries! Our friendly Forecourt Concierge team can help you check your oil between 10am – 5pm every day.

Whether you drive a car, ute, truck, van, motor bike or scooter, there’s a full product recommendation guide or simple top up oil guide to help you choose the right lubricant for your vehicle.

Looking for lubricants for your business?

If you know your synthetic from your multi-grade and would like to talk to one of our technical experts, or would like to discuss lubricants for your business, get in touch.


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Frequently asked questions about engine oils

  • How will I know which oil to use?

    The type of oil you need depends on your vehicle. To help find the right one, you can use the Oil top up guide or if you're doing a complete oil change then refer to the full product recommendation guide.

  • Can I earn Flybuys ® or Airpoints Dollars™ on engine oil?

    You can earn 5 bonus Flybuys on every 4 or 5 litre take home oil pack purchased. If you prefer Airpoints Dollars™, your take home oil purchases will contribute to your Airpoints Dollars™ balance with Z. Find out more about Flybuys and Airpoints™.

  • Can I mix different oils or do I need to drain my car first?

    You should be able to mix different oils without any issues as long as they’re the same type of oil rating. To find out what oil your vehicle needs, check the Owner’s Manual first, or use one of our product recommendation guides above.

  • Can I put oils on my Z Card?

    If your Z Card is set up to purchase ‘oils’ or ‘all products’ you can. If you’d like to check or change what can be purchased with your Z Card call 0800 474 355 or email You must be authorised to make changes on your account to do this.

  • Is there a technical helpline?

    Yes – please call 0800 733 835 (and choose option 3) or email

Still have questions?

Get in touch with the team at or on 0800 733 835.

For the technical nitty gritty and safety information, we’ve got safety data sheets available.


Havoline® and Delo® are products manufactured by Chevron Inc and distributed in New Zealand under licence by Z Energy Group.