New Drivers

Ready to get hands on? Help us plant new trees

Whether you're zipping around town or road tripping up and down our beautiful country, hitting the road can be a great adventure. What's not so great is that every driver on our roads also adds carbon to the environment.  That's why in partnership with Trees that Count, we're planting 10 native trees this autumn, for each new driver who signed up earlier this year.

Received an email to join us on our planting day and have some questions?  You can find more information below.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is Z doing this?

    Last year Z asked New Zealanders what we could all do better to save our planet (#WeCanDoBetter). New Zealanders have repeatedly told us they want Z to plant more trees to combat the impacts of climate change. So this year that’s what we’re doing. In March we asked new drivers if they’d like us to plant 10 trees for them. At the end of May we’ll be planting over 2,500 trees for new drivers. That’s just the beginning. 

  • What’s Z’s involvement with Trees that Count?

    Trees That Count is built on a foundation of partnership and cooperation – with community groups, iwi, hapu, whanau and Maori trusts, schools, landowners, businesses, research institutions, local and central government and plant nurseries, etc. Trees That Count provides a framework for people and organisations like us, who are concerned about climate change to collectively plant trees that sequester (suck up) carbon.  We’re helping to fund tree planting.  You can see how we’re going here:

  • I’ve just received an email addressed to my child/dependant about planting trees with Z – what’s this about?

    In March we asked new drivers if they’d like us to plant 10 trees for them to help combat climate change. Your child/dependant signed up for this, and as they indicated they live in the Wellington region, we’re inviting them to join us on our planting day, 26 May.

  • My child/dependant is keen to join you planting trees. Can I join them on the day?

    As we can only have a certain number of people take part on the day, unfortunately you won’t be able to join in the planting this time.  If your child/dependent is 16-17 year’s old, we would like you to drop them off for the planting, and pick them up at the end.  Trees That Count also have some suggestions on how you could get involved in helping to slow down climate change. You can check them out on:  

  • I received an email about planting trees but I don’t actually have my licence, can I still come along?

    Unfortunately no, as this is an initiative specifically targeting new drivers.

  • If it’s raining on the day, will it go ahead?

    Yes, if it’s raining on the day we’ll still be planting!  However we won’t continue if we believe anybody could be at risk.

  • I’ve signed up to plant trees, what do I need to bring and/or wear?

    Once you confirm that you want to take part in the planting, we’ll send you an email closer to the time detailing what you’ll need to bring and wear. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to bring anything special – just good, sturdy footwear, comfortable clothing (no shorts though, need to be long pants), a water bottle, and be prepared for any kind of weather!

  • How do I find where the planting is, and is there parking?

    The planting is on Mt Victoria, in Wellington and we'll be meeting at the end of Coromandel St, at Vice Regal Park.  If you're catching the bus either direction, the closest bus stops are outside Wellington Regional Hospital on Riddiford St, or on Constable St. There'll also be parking at the meeting area.

  • How long will I be planting for?

    The planting will be 3-4 hours, including a safety briefing at the start, a demonstration on how to plant the trees, and we’ll break for lunch (which will be provided for you).  We'll start at 9am.

  • I can’t make it, but can I nominate someone else?

    Unfortunately no, this initiative is only available to those new drivers who signed up in March.

  • I want to join in the planting, but I can’t get there. Can I get a ride to the planting?

    We’d love to have you join us on the day, but unfortunately we can’t provide you with a lift. We'll be meeting at the end of Coromandel St, at Vice Regal Park.  If you're catching the bus either direction, the closest bus stops are outside Wellington Regional Hospital on Riddiford St, or on Constable St. 

  • Can I choose what to have for lunch?

    If you have any allergies or dietary requests for lunch, please let us know in the sign up form, or if you missed that, email us at and we’ll do our best to fulfil these.

  • Will my travel costs to the planting day be reimbursed?

    No, but you’ll receive a Z gift card at the end of the planting as a thank you for your time.

  • How will this tree planting day help the environment?

    At Z, we believe giant strides start with small steps – and we know that every tree planted has a positive impact on our environment.  Planting trees helps to offset carbon emissions, but it also helps create a biodiverse habitat for native fauna and improves our landscape.

  • What type of trees are you planting?

    To have the greatest impact on our environment, the trees that count are native —that is, indigenous to New Zealand.  We’ll be planting a mix of natives endemic to the Wellington region, and also species that have the potential to reach a minimum height of 5 metres at maturity.

  • How fit do I need to be to do this?

    Trees that Count who are organising this planting day have let us know that people just need to be able to use a spade, carry some plants, and be able to work on uneven ground.  People can work at their own pace during the planting.

  • I can only come for part of the day, is that ok?

    As we’re committed to planting the trees, and only have limited space, we’d really appreciate if you could stay for the whole time.

  • Is there going to be any filming or photography on the day?

    Yes, we will have a cameraperson there to capture the event.

  • What if I don’t want to be filmed or photographed?

    We’ll ask for your written approval on the day to confirm you are happy to take part in the event that is being filmed and photographed. We want to be able to inspire others like you to take part in tree planting events like this – so if you’re not comfortable being part of an event that’s being filmed, this might not be the right event for you. You can also check out, as they have some great suggestions on how you could get involved in other ways.  

  • Have a question about the planting day we haven't answered here?

    You can send us an email to Please add 'planting day' in the subject heading.