Choose Your Champion

This August is Pie Month at Z. We've got five new and delicious pies to celebrate. Each week we've got a limited edition pie flavour, that you won't want to miss.

Week 1 (3-9 August): BBQ Beef Brisket

Week 2 (10-16 August): Pork Belly & Apple

Week 3 (17-23 August): Creamy Chicken, Bacon with Brie & 'Shrooms

This weeks, the final week 4 (24-30 August): Cauliflower Cheese Grain  (vegetarian)

Weeks 1 - 4 (for all of August): Coconut, Kūmara & Lemongrass Curry (vegan)

Quick - choose your champion by trying our BBQ Beef Brisket this week, before it's too late. Otherwise, try our newest Vegan pie (the Coconut, Kūmara & Lemongrass Curry) only available this August.

Choose Your Champion Square

Check out our 5 new pies!

Our special limited edition pies will change weekly during August, however our newest Vegan pie the Coconut, Kūmara and Lemongrass Curry is here for the entire month of August. Check out in this video all the flavours!

The final week, week 4: Cauliflower Cheese Gratin

A vegetarian pie you just don't want to miss out on. It's packed of delicious ingredients. Give it a try this week and it might just stay for good.

Coconut, Kūmara & Lemongrass Curry

Have you tried a Vegan pie at Z yet? This is one to try. Made up of beautiful ingredients such as pumpkin, kūmara, brocolli, coconut, potatoes, mushrooms, beans, cumin, lentils and lemongrass curry. This could be your new favourite Vegan pie!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Choose Your Champions?

    It is our pie campaign to celebrate Pie Month during August. We have 5 limited edition pies available. 4 Pie of the Week pies during August that will not disappoint and our new Vegan pie the Coconut, Kūmara and Lemongrass Curry. These delicious pies are available exclusively at Z Espress stations with 170+ locations throughout New Zealand.

  • When is Pie Month?

    For four weeks from Monday 3 August - Sunday 30 August. Each week is celebrated from Monday to Sunday. So get in quick, before the new flavour is gone.

  • What is the current pie of the week?

    It's currently week 4 of 4. The newest vegetarian pie at Z the Cauliflower Cheese Gratin. Available only until Sunday 16th August. 

  • Where can I get one (or many pies)?

    170+ Z Espress Service Stations nationwide are celebrating Pie Month with Choose Your Champion. Click here to see the participating stations.

  • How much is a 'Choose Your Champion' pie?

    Our limited edition pies that are for Choose Your Champion are $5.50 each at our Z Espress Service Stations.