Pieconic Month

This August is Pie Month at Z. We've collaborated with four Kiwi icons to create four Kiwi flavours.

Each week we've got a pie of the week, that you won't want to miss.

First week (5 - 11 August): A collab with Hayden Paddon to bring you the delicious Beef & 3 Cheese Racer Pie, made with tender pulled beef, Talbot Forest mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese.

Second week (12 - 18 August): A collab with Brett McGregor to bring you the decadent Chicken & Kūmara Pie. The pieconic creation is made with chicken, golden kūmara, with streaky bacon smothered in lots of cream and butter. 

Third Week (19 - 25 August): A collab with Liam McPhillips to bring you this tasty Spicy Fisherman Pie. Tempt your taste buds with tarakihi, red peppers, leeks, potato, paprika, chorizo, chilli sauce with tangy lime juice. Try one now.

This week (26 August - 1 September): A collab with Alex Davies to bring you the tasty Pepper 'Shroom Pie, with portabello and button mushrooms, marinated in coconut cream. Plus, it's also a vegan pie!

Each week we've announced who we collaborated with to bring you the Pie of the Week. Try #Pieconic month today at Z.

Pieconic creations with 4 iconic Kiwis

Check out this video to see what Pieconic Month is all about... and the below video to see the pie of the week.

A collab with Alex Davies

Celebrating this week of Pieconic Month with the Pepper 'Shroom Pie. It's been curated with the Plant-Based Restauranteur, Alex Davies for a pieconic creation. #Pieconic

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Pieconic Month?

    We've collaborated with four Kiwi icons to bring New Zealand four iconic Kiwi flavoured pies. Celebrating with a pie of the week throughout Pieconic Month and exclusively at Z Espress service stations nationwide. #Pieconic

  • When does Pieconic Month run?

    The entire promotional period is for four weeks, from Monday 5th August - 1 September 2019. But there is a new pie available each week.

  • What is the current Pie of the Week?

    It's currently week 4 of 4: Alex Davies Pepper 'Shroom Pie with portabello and button mushrooms, marinated in coconut cream. Only available from 26 August - 1 September 2019.

  • Where can I get one (or many)?

    Pieconic Month is celebrated at 172 Z Espress Service Stations nationwide. Click here to see the participating stations.

  • How much is a pie?

    A gourmet Pieconic Pie is only $5.50 each at 172 Z Espress service stations nationwide.

  • What is the #Pieconic for?

    You're welcome to take a photo of your delicious Pieconic pie of the week and use the hashtag, #Pieconic on social. But, you can decide not to and simply just enjoy Pieconic Month and tempting your taste buds!

  • What ingredients are in each gourmet Pieconic pie?

    You can view the nutritional ingredients for each pie of the week on the following link, by clicking here.