RAP Outage

Refining NZ has informed us that there is a fault with the 170-kilometre-long Refinery to Auckland pipeline (RAP), which is the primary way of transporting fuel to the Auckland region. The pipeline has been shut down and repairs are underway.

The impact of this is particularly focused on Auckland Airport as it is exclusively supplied with jet fuel by the pipeline.

While the pipeline also supplies petrol and diesel to Auckland, we are confident that supply of these fuels can be maintained via trucking from the refinery in Whangarei, and fuel terminals at Mount Maunganui. If any of our customers are inconvenienced, it will be minimal and short-lived.

It’s important to note that the refinery is still running, meaning product is still being manufactured, shipped around the country and trucked to consumers. Additionally, finished fuel imports are still coming into New Zealand.

In the early stages of the refinery outage, Z prioritised delivery of the two essential product grades into Auckland, being 91 octane petrol and diesel, as ninety per cent of petrol vehicles can run on 91.

As a result of this deliberate focus, a few service stations have run out 95 octane petrol. However, all grades of fuel are being trucked into the city and sites will be replenished soon. For more information, please see Z's recent press release here: http://z.co.nz/about-z/news/general-news/95-octane-fuel-supply-into-auckland/

Following progress from government around trucking limits, we're looking forward to being able to further expand trucking of all grades into Auckland.

We continue to work closely with the rest of the industry to ensure additional resources and measures are put in place to bridge transport fuels into Auckland to supplement the supplies already held at the Wiri fuel terminal.

We are also working with the industry to ensure healthy Jet fuel stocks at other airports within New Zealand.

This is the first time that the Refinery to Auckland Pipeline has experienced a fault and the industry is working closely with its stakeholders, customers and government to minimise the impact of the outage.


All fuel grades are currently available at all 70 Z service stations in the wider Auckland region except for the below:

Z Kepa Road - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable

Z Lincoln Road - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable 

Z Point Chev - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable 

Z Milford - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable 

Z Manly - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable 

Z Newton - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable 

Z Glen Innes - ZX (95 Premium) currently unavailable 


There are no stock outs at Z Truck Stops at this time.


Last updated: 5pm Wednesday 20 September 2017