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Energy efficiency

We’re constantly looking at ways we can reduce both the cost and the carbon emissions of running our retail operations.

We’ve been working with our suppliers to identify how we can run our retail sites more efficiently. Some examples include making sure our refrigeration units and HVAC units aren’t working against each other; installing automatic sensors on doors; and installing pull-down screens on open fridge units. We’ve worked with our suppliers to identify new generation chillers that we’ll install at our new-build sites, which can save at least 40% on our current refrigeration energy usage.

General News

Keeping You Safe - COVID-19 Update

Updated: 3 April 2020

Kia Ora,

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about what we’re doing to fuel New Zealand safely through COVID-19, because we're here when you need us.  The situation is constantly changing, so please visit regularly for new updates.   

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home New Zealand.


What’s available, where?

We know how important it is to get fuel when you need it, that’s why Z is considered an essential service.  We’re committed to staying open, with some changes in place, throughout the Alert Level 4. 

We do have one service station currently closed:

  • Havelock North, Hawkes Bay

The following service stations are now operating as un-manned sites, with payment accepted through Pay at Pump.

  • Z Stafford Street Timaru
  • Z Alexandra


An update on Pumped:

Pumped Discount Expiry Update:  With many customers unable to get to their local Z service station we are temporary extending the Pump Discount expiry period. Until further notice Pumped discounts can be used up until the end of the second calendar month following the month in which they were earned. For example, a fuel discount earned on 1 through 29 February will expire on 30 April. This means you now have between one and three months to use your Pumped discounts

Super Pumped Days: Throughout April we will run our Super Pumped Wednesday’s every Wednesday so when you need us you can still get a 10cpl Pumped discount. 


An update on food and coffee:  

Things have moved fast recently, and there’s been a bit of confusion about what can be sold during this time. We’ve been in regular contact with officials and can now confirm the following.

We’re open to provide fuel, pre-made hot food (like a pie), and essential items for the healthcare workers, ambulance drivers, truck drivers and many other essential services teams as they go about their jobs.  We currently won’t be able to serve coffee during this time as the officials have made the call on it. And nothing is more important right now than following official advice.  

The rest of us need to follow the rules and stay at home.

If it’s absolutely necessary to get some essentials like milk and bread, or to refuel to get to essential local appointments like a doctor, hospital or the supermarket, you can still fuel up at your local Z. 


Misinformation Alert

We have seen a message being spread on some social media channels about the risk of catching COVID-19 through petrol pumps.  Please know that this is not an official health notification, and there is no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread via petrol pumps.  If you would prefer to minimise contact, you can use a paper towel (available at all Z service stations) to hold the pump, and you can use Contactless Payments (PayWave) to pay, as well as our App based payment options.  There is more information about these options below.

For reliable advice about COVID-19 please visit www.covid19.govt.nz.  


Keeping safe

This is a time of change and uncertainty for everyone. Here at Z we’re all in when it comes to keeping our customers and our people safe and well, and we're doing everything we can to support you and keep you safe when you visit. 

Visiting a Z service station

Our stations: Whilst we’re making some changes to keep our customers and team safe during COVID-19, we are still open.  To find your local Z, visit z.co.nz/locator

Cleaning: We’ve increased the level and frequency of cleaning high touch areas including our Pay at Pump Terminals, Eftpos Terminals, door, counters and pump nozzles.

Keeping our hands clean:  Our staff are regularly washing their hands.

Physical Distancing:  Our staff are, wherever practical, keeping a distance of at least one metre between people.


Z Business customers

We’re a kiwi business, so we know how important it is to support other kiwi businesses. We’re currently working on what we can do to help our business customers and will have more information coming soon.  If your business is experiencing hardship, please contact us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) to discuss how we can help.


Keep yourself safe

Follow all instructions:  We ask for your support in keeping our sites safe by using good hand-washing and hygiene procedures, and please refrain from coming onto a Z site if you are feeling unwell. 

Hand sanitiser: Right now, hand sanitiser is in high demand across New Zealand.  We have made the decision to ensure that the stocks which are available in New Zealand are going to the people and places who need it most – immune-compromised households, rest homes, pharmacies, hospitals and other medical centres. However, if you’re concerned about touching the petrol pump, we have paper towels available beside each pump at all Z service stations, and you can use these to cover the pump handle while filling up.  Please dispose of these in the rubbish bin provided.

We have a range of ways for you to purchase fuel whilst maintaining physical distancing.  These include:

  • Pay at Pump:  You can pay for fuel without needing to go to the night window to pay.  Before you lift the handle, insert your card and simply follow the instructions provided on the screen near the fuel pump to enter the amount of fuel you would like, and pay with your eftpos, debit or credit, or Z Business card.   Paywave is also available at Pay at Pump.
  • Paywave Contactless Payments: You can use contactless payment (Paywave) at Z service stations, where it is available at both Pay at Pump, and when purchasing in store.
  • Fastlane: When you download the Z App you can register your vehicle for Fastlane and add your credit card or Z Business card and licence plate number.  Then simply drive onto any of our Fastlane-enabled service stations and once our camera detects your vehicle, you can fuel up and drive away without having to enter our store.   Fastlane is available in some sites, to find out more z.co.nz/Fastlane
  • Sharetank:   This is Z’s virtual fuel tank located in Z App It can help you share fuel with your friends and family or anyone you want to help out.  Download Z app to check out how Z’s online services can make paying for your fuel easy and minimise the contact you have with other people and key pads.  And yes it’s possible to use Fastlane and Sharetank together – check it out in Z app.  For more information – check out www.sharetank.co.nz  or http://help.sharetank.co.nz/en/articles/3440609-how-do-i-use-sharetank-at-the-pump


An Update from Mike Bennetts, Z CEO

"Today, as a country we are making the final plans to move to Alert Level 4 in our fight against COVID-19.  During this time, our stations will be open to deliver an essential service, however we’ll be locking the doors will any required interactions undertaken through our night pay window, for the safety of yourself and our staff.

I've been in the fuel industry for many years and incidents and crises are something that we have been through before,  and which Z is well-placed to manage. We have plans, we have experts and we deal with it.

But with COVID-19 we aren't facing a one-off thing that requires a few people in one or two industries to respond quickly. We're facing something ongoing that requires the entire country to continually respond for an uncertain amount of time. That's understandably hard for a lot of us.

We want you to know that no matter how long this takes, Z is focused on how we support New Zealanders. Especially those people on the front line, like our health workers, ambulance drivers, truck drivers, supermarket staff and caregivers. And most importantly for us, our staff, who continue to run our service stations behind locked doors. At Z, we are a whānau. Our people are the heart of our business and we are proud of their work to date on ensuring our fuel supply is secure and our sites are safe.

Our commitment to you is that we will continue this work with the well-being of all New Zealanders, especially our people, at the very centre of our plans. We reckon Kiwis are world-class and that we can come out the other side of this stronger. Focus on your health, focus on your community, stay at home and together we can break the chain.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini. ‘My strength is not that of a single warrior but that of many.’



Contact us.

For general enquiries email us at general@z.co.nz or call 0800 474 355.

For Z Business enquiries, email us at zbusiness@z.co.nz or call 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374)



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