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03/09/2020 - General News

Z seeks previous corporate employees for remediation payment

Z is seeking any person that was previously employed by the corporate division of its business from 1 January 2014 to contact the company urgently as they may be entitled to a remediation payment due to an historical holiday pay miscalculation.

At the end of 2019, insights from a flexible working project led Z to conduct a thorough investigation of its payroll system to ensure it was compliant with the Holidays Act 2003. A recently completed report from independent external experts commissioned by Z highlighted a number of areas where the complex Act had not been implemented correctly.

General Manger People and Culture, Helen Sedcole says, “We have always taken pride in the way we look after our people, and in this instance, we have let them down. For that, we are incredibly sorry. Our focus right now is to put things right for both previous and current employees while ensuring our payroll system and processes are updated so that this does not occur in the future.

“We would therefore like the approximately 550 previous permanent, fixed term or casual employees who were employed by Z Energy, Z Energy 2015 Limited or Chevron NZ since 1 January 2014 to get in touch so we can provide more details.”

The company is aiming to complete the complex task of reviewing thousands of lines of payroll data from the last seven years to calculate and undertake any required remediation payments by the end of the current financial year. At this stage Z expects the total payment to be approximately $1.3 million - covering the entire seven-year timeframe.

Previous employees are encouraged to email holidaysact@z.co.nz so that Z can work with each individual on what this means for them.


Media contact – Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz


31/08/2020 - Sustainability news

Z Energy to install water tanks at Auckland sites, saving more than 12 million litres of water annually

Auckland motorists will soon be able to wash their vehicles at Z Energy car washes knowing they are doing their part to help with the region’s water shortage.

Z will install permanent water tanks to supply their car washes at Z Glen Innes, Z Pukekohe and Z Massey North from 31 August, with plans to roll them out across all their Auckland sites in the coming months, as COVID-19 restrictions permit.

Z Energy’s General Manager of Retail, Andy Baird says Z is committed to playing its part in helping address Auckland’s drought.

“Z has always been committed to reducing our impact on the environment so we’re pleased to be able to move faster on our intended plans to install permanent tanks to ensure we can support Aucklanders in their efforts to address the water shortage.

“It’s also likely that droughts will become more common as the impacts of climate change increase, so having water tanks and water recycling schemes in place in Auckland now, is one way we can respond to climate change, alongside working on speeding up the shift to low carbon transport options.”

It is expected that once the tanks are up and running at all sites, they will save over 12 million litres of water annually and will operate alongside the water recycling systems the company already has in place.

Auckland Council is supportive of Z’s approach and says that the company is setting an example for other commercial users of water in the region.

Mayor Phil Goff says, “Business, industry and individuals all have a role to play in reducing water consumption and I’m pleased to see Z Energy taking this proactive approach. 

“I hope it encourages other commercial water users to look at ways they can help address the record water shortage Auckland is currently experiencing because of record drought in the first half of this year.” 

Watercare chief executive, Raveen Jaduram welcomes the initiative. 

“It’s great to see businesses like Z Energy being proactive and taking water conservation steps now, so they’re well prepared ahead of next summer. Our dams are still more than 20 per cent below historical levels and we need everyone to play their part. 

There are considerable long-term environmental benefits to installing rainwater tanks too,” he adds.


Media enquiries: Victoria Crockford – Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz


27/08/2020 - General News

Potential scam alert

Caltex New Zealand has been made aware of a phishing email that is currently circulating among a select number of Caltex Retail operators and corporate staff.

We are currently investigating and will provide updates should relevant information come to hand.

Neither Caltex nor Z will ever send you an email/SMS asking for your account or financial details, or your log in details for the Caltex or Z Apps.

If you believe you have received an email or SMS from someone pretending to be Z or Caltex New Zealand:

  1. Do NOT click on any unexpected/unusual links or open attachments.
  2. Delete the message from your inbox.
  3. Visit Netsafe to learn more about phishing and how to avoid it.


24/08/2020 - General News

Z’s virtual fuel tank Sharetank recognised in 2020 Australasian CX awards

Z Energy is focused on delivering world-class customer experience to Kiwi motorists and is delighted that its virtual fuel tank, Sharetank (patent pending) has been recognised as a revolutionary experience in the 2020 Australasian CX Awards.

Z has been selected as a finalist in the ‘Best Use of Technology to Revolutionise CX’ category alongside other Australia and New Zealand innovators including Optus, nib Group, Transport for NSW, TTI and Vodafone NZ.

Z’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scott K Bishop says that Sharetank was co-created with customers and is all about giving them confidence they’re accessing transparent pricing that’s right for them.

“We know some customers drive across town to save money, which certainly isn’t the best use of their time or their fuel tank. When they pre-buy through Sharetank they automatically get the lowest Z pump price within 30 kilometres of their location and don’t need to travel to get it. They can buy from the couch, work, the passenger seat or wherever suits them.

“Sharetank really is a win-win for our customers.”

Sharetank customers can also share their virtual fuel with up to five other people. Scott says that this sharing capability really came to the fore during New Zealand’s “lockdown”.

“Using Sharetank, Z was able to donate and distribute fuel amongst Student Volunteer Army members, who were working to ensure groceries and vital supplies reached those communities who were most in need. It showed the power of technology to scale up positive impact and we think that is a part of what makes Sharetank a revolutionary experience in the New Zealand fuel market.”

The team that created Sharetank has also been nominated for the CX Team of the Year award, which Scott says is a testament to Z’s digital and agile transformation.

“Sharetank was one of our first demonstrations of the impact of empowered, cross functional working teams and I congratulate our team on their dedication and success, which has now been recognised internationally.”

The awards ceremony will be held in Sydney on 15 October. For more information, please visit https://ashtonmedia.com.au/symposiums/cx-awards-2020/

To learn about Sharetank, head to: https://www.sharetank.co.nz/


Media enquiries: Victoria Crockford, Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz

07/08/2020 - General News

Z Energy looks to no longer promote forecourt concierge offer, focuses on broader customer experience

Z Energy is looking to make changes to the national forecourt concierge service as we increase our focus on the broader customer experience offer, putting in place measures to ensure the sustainability of our business long-term in an increasingly competitive and low margin environment.

Research undertaken at the end of 2019 showed most motorists no longer value the traditional service approach at their fuel station and now prioritise other elements of their experience when choosing a fuel retailer, with a focus on price and speed. This has led us to no longer look at promoting the national forecourt concierge offer from 1 October 2020, while retaining in-store attendants.

Z is working closely with its retailers on what this change in approach looks like, including any potential job impacts, and retailers are currently in discussions with their staff around proposed changes at a site by site level. Where roles may be impacted, we understand that retailers will be looking to redeploy where possible however it is possible that there may be redundancies.

Z’s General Manager of Retail Andy Baird says, "First, I'd like to acknowledge how difficult times of change are. A friendly face on the forecourt was a key point of difference when Z introduced the national concierge offer to the New Zealand market eight years ago. However, it is clear times have changed and that most Kiwis prioritise different things when it comes to their fuel retailer.

"For some time, our focus has been on the end-to-end customer experience, including those moments before customers arrive at our service stations. The recent addition of Sharetank to Z App, along with Fastlane and pre-order coffee are a testament to this approach and align with what our customers are telling us: that they want to fill up at a competitive price, get on the road quickly and have a moment of reward or enjoyment, and that they’re increasingly using digital solutions to do so."

While our retailers are working through what this change means at each site, Z is very mindful that this change may impact those customers who rely on the concierge service. The company is currently working through what assistance can be provided for those that need it. More details of what that may look like will be shared in the coming months as they are finalised.


Media enquiries: Victoria Crockford, Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz

21/07/2020 - General News

Leading retailers take the pledge to stand up to racism

A group of Aotearoa New Zealand’s biggest retailers have joined forces to take a stand against racism and discrimination in their workplaces.

Z Energy, The Warehouse Group, Foodstuffs, Mitre 10 and Countdown have signed the ‘NZ Retailers Against Racism Pledge’ to confirm an ongoing commitment to proactively address racism and other forms of abuse at work.

Z Energy’s Head of Community and Sustainability and convenor of the group, Gerri Ward, says the pledge recognises that large retailers have a big role to play in promoting inclusion.

“Our place of work should be a safe place, no matter who we are, where we’re from, or what we believe in. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many New Zealanders. Many people on the frontline of retail business face racism, bigotry, verbal and physical abuse, and intimidation on a regular basis.

“Z has been working for some time with our frontline staff on a set of policies and practices designed to ensure they’re safe at work, including how to support those who have been subjected to racism. The pledge is the result of that,” says Gerri.

Retail NZ CEO, Greg Harford says that many retail businesses want to act against discrimination and the pledge will help them to do so.

“We’re a diverse and multicultural nation and Retail NZ wants to see that celebrated and supported. It’s really important that everyone working in retail can go to work and feel safe. The policies that support the pledge will help our retailers create a ‘toolbox’ for action on racism.”

The other pledge partners say they’ve signed as part of their ongoing commitment to safe and supportive workplaces that reflect the diversity of New Zealand.

The Warehouse Group CEO Nick Grayston says The Warehouse Group has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion which is cemented in their Diversity and Inclusion policy.

“We stand against racism, prejudice and discrimination of any kind and are dedicated to ensuring our team is provided with a safe environment in which to work.”

Countdown’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin says that with a diverse team of 20,000 Kiwis working across their business, signing the pledge sends a clear message.

“We want our team to always feel safe at work and the same goes for customers shopping in our stores. By signing the pledge, we’re letting people know that Countdown stores are places of tolerance, respect and safety. Places where racism or hateful conduct or any kind will not be accepted.”

Supporting the Human Rights Commission

The pledge has been released in support of the Human Rights Commission’s latest anti-racism campaigns, Racism is no Joke and Voices of Racism, which highlight the harmful comments directed at real New Zealanders in their everyday lives, with a focus on the experiences of Chinese and Asian citizens and residents in the wake of COVID-19.

The Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon welcomes the support of major retailers saying that, “When businesses step up to the plate, everyone benefits. I congratulate these retailers for taking this important and bold move. It will mean a safer shopping experience for all. Safer workplaces for all in Aotearoa are something that we can all agree to.&rdquo

The NZ Retailers Against Racism Pledge:

We, the undersigned, pledge to:

Take a leading role in creating an inclusive New Zealand, where our workplaces are free of racism, prejudice and intolerance of any kind.

We will continue to develop and embed the policies and practices needed to proactively address racism and other forms of abuse at work. We are committed to a culture of empathy, and ensuring our team and customers always feel safe and welcome in our workplaces.




09/07/2020 - General News

Z Energy supports Fuel Industry Bill, encourages faster change to wholesale contracts

Z Energy supports the Fuel Industry Bill and believes it will have positive outcomes for competition and consumers but warns that in its current form it could have a delayed impact and could cause unintended consequences for fuel dealers.

Speaking after his appearance at yesterday’s Finance and Expenditure Select Committee, Z CEO Mike Bennetts said that the proposed timeline for changing wholesale contracts could hold up the flow through of benefits to customers at the pump.

“The way the Bill is currently drafted means that it could take years before any of the changes to wholesale contracts have their intended impact. We want consumers to see the benefits of more competition in the wholesale market as quickly as possible and encourage the government to ensure the Bill achieves that.”

Z is also urging careful consideration of the differences between dealers, who are small to medium businesses owned locally and, in many cases, reliant on support from their supplier, and distributors, who are significant national competitors. Dealers need to be able to have a close relationship with their supplier as in many cases they rely on their supplier’s extensive support.

“Dealers and distributors play a very different role in the retail fuels market and we would urge the Government to take this more fully into account in the final legislation,” said Mike.

Z also strongly encourages an expedited roll out of fully transparent price boards and believes that consumer choice should be protected when it comes to loyalty or reward offers.

“We’ve said throughout the Commerce Commission Market Study and Bill consultation that we fully support transparency and comparability on price boards at retail sites, including requiring prices to be displayed for Premium grades.

“Customer research also shows that, as with nearly all other retail sectors in New Zealand, many motorists value knowing what loyalty or reward offers are available that could make a difference to their purchase. We think that consumer choice is critical and should be safeguarded in the final legislation,” Mike said.


Media enquiries: Victoria Crockford, Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz


22/06/2020 - General News

Z Energy gives away week of free coffee to Victim Support staff and volunteers

Z Energy is showing its support for Kiwi volunteers by offering a week of free coffee (or a hot drink of their choice) to Victim Support volunteers and staff to celebrate Volunteer Week 2020.

Z’s Head of Community and Sustainability Gerri Ward says that Z has worked with Victim Support over many years and believes that the role of their organization and other community volunteers is more important than ever as the country recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.

“Volunteer Week gives us the opportunity to recognize how critical our community volunteers are to all of the things that we love about Aotearoa New Zealand – our tamariki, our sports games, our outdoors, our arts and cultural education, our faith-based groups and the community spirit that has been so strongly demonstrated throughout COVID-19.

“Z is a long-term supporter of Victim Support and we wanted to provide something to brighten up the day of all their amazing volunteers who do such important work on behalf of our communities day-in-day out ensuring people get the help they need after trauma or grief. We know that a hot cup of Z Espress coffee or a hot chocolate on a cold day can do just that.”

Z donated a total of $25,000 to Victim Support in 2019 via its community program, Good In The Hood.


Media enquiries: Victoria Crockford – Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz


19/05/2020 - General News

Z Energy joins Kiwi businesses in call to action to Government

After COVID-19 we can build back better than we were before. Let’s make our recovery truly transformative, now. 

A call to action to the Government from businesses and community groups.

COVID-19 showed that New Zealanders care for one another. We have made sacrifices to protect people’s health, based on science and by taking bold action. We adapted and innovated so we could stay connected, keep working, and support one another. We were reminded of how much we depend on one another, particularly our lowest wage workers who provided essential services.

As we emerge from the challenges posed by COVID-19, we have a chance to build positively on the common purpose we found together. As our representatives in Government, we ask that you now make smart policy and investment decisions that will lay the foundation for a successful, equitable and regenerative future and a more productive and sustainable economy.

Leading into this emergency, we already faced significant challenges. Carbon emissions were not coming down, productivity was not improving, we faced a rising tide of mental distress and addiction, many had insufficient financial resources and resilience to live with dignity , and the aspirations of Māori were still not on an equal footing. As a Government you had acknowledged these issues and to make progress by adopting Treasury’s Living Standards Framework, developing a Wellbeing Budget and in last week’s Rainy Day budget.

We understand that in this time of uncertainty and fear, there is an urgent desire to see Aotearoa New Zealand thrive again, and quickly. But this is not the time to lose sight of the challenges we still face. Instead we have an opportunity to stage a recovery that prioritises our most excluded and disadvantaged, regenerates nature, and gives everyone the opportunity to actively participate in a successful society. 

You can make choices now that accelerate the transition to a healthy, resilient, inclusive, Te Tiriti-based, nature-rich, low carbon way of life that delivers a more productive, sustainable economy. We fear that if you do not, there will be a default to quick-fix decisions that inadvertently lock in the mistakes of the past, likely entrenching disadvantage and degrading nature. It would be an opportunity lost, and a disservice to our country and its people.

As we acted collectively to protect one another over the last seven weeks, we can act collectively again to enhance the future for our young people. Our children and grandchildren will live their adult lives with the choices you make today.

We know the solutions: invest in community resilience and wellbeing; invest in sustainable food systems and regenerative agriculture; shift to a circular, low carbon economy; invest in nature through conservation and biodiversity protection. Do this in partnership with iwi and hapu, and communities.

These solutions will underpin a healthy society, nature that can thrive and a productive, resilient economy into the future, that creates wellbeing for all.

We call on you, our representatives, to have the courage, wisdom and foresight to know that business as usual will not deliver the future we want for each other or for the country we love. Seize the opportunity now to make our recovery plans truly transformative and take New Zealanders with you once again.

As business and civil society representatives we will stand by you as you make these decisions. We are ready to play our part in building this future we can be proud of.


11/05/2020 - General News

Z Energy FY20 Earnings Release and Offer Announcement

Z Energy (NZX:ZEL ASX:ZEL) released its results for the year ended 31 March 2020 today. Z Energy (Z) has reported a Historical Net Profit after Tax (HC NPAT) loss of $(88) million, compared with a profit of $186 million for the previous corresponding period (PCP). The significant decrease in HC NPAT reflects several factors including lower retail fuel margins and reduced refining margins. The loss includes non-cash impairment charges of $96 million, comprising the $35 million impairment of goodwill associated with the Flick investment as previously disclosed and a $61 million impairment of goodwill associated with the Caltex retail supply contracts. The result also includes $33 million of Covid-19 related costs and provisions, an increase of $6m from the $27 million costs and provisions disclosed on 3 April 2020. At an operating level, Replacement Cost EBITDAF1 (RC EBITDAF) was $366 million for the full year, in line with Z’s most recent guidance update, representing a decrease of $68 million (-15%) against the previous financial year (PCP). The RC EBITDAF result includes the $33 million of Covid-19 related costs and provisions.
Z also today announced an equity raise of up to $350 million via the issuance of ordinary ZEL shares comprising $290 million of new shares via a fully underwritten placement and up to $60 million share purchase plan (SPP). The equity raising has been sized with the intention of delivering a robust capital structure that allows Z to navigate the current market conditions while favourably positioning the business to take advantage of opportunities as the New Zealand economy begins to recover from the effects of Covid-19.
Read the full press release here
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